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Mtirala National Park

(+995) მეგენეიშვილის ქუჩა 13

National Park Mtirala National Park - Chakvi

Established in 2007

Facebook: Mtirala National Park Administration

Mtirala National Park is located in south-western part of Caucasus, Lesser Caucasus, in particular extreme western part of Achara-Imereti range, on Kobuleti-Chaqvi range, near Black Sea. Its total area is 15698.8 ha. Mtirala NP is located between Municipalities of Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Qeda. The Administrative building is located in Chaqvi, while visitors center in village Chaqvistavi, which is 15 km away from administrative center. There are exhibition and presentation halls in visitors center where visitors have the opportunity to become familiar with the specifics of the National Park, services, tariffs and chose the desired option.

Tourist trails of Mtirala NP are one or two-days. Trails are marked and well-arranged. Picnic and camping places are arranged, fire spots are allocated, as well as tourist shelter 9 km away from the beginning of the trail. National park offers hiking, horsing, scientific eco-tours.
The best season for visit is spring, summer and early autumn. Visitors center of national park will help you to organize guide, hose and local transport.