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Alazani Monument

Natural Monument Alazani Monument - Dedoplistskaro

The Natural Monument is located in the bay of Alazani River, on 204.4 ha in the form of natural floodplain forest covered by lianas. The place is rich with perennial walnut, ash, oak and elm, as well as bushes characteristic to floodplain forests. It takes one hour to cover 1 km of a pedestrian route in Kakliskure or Walnut Bay.
Location: Dedoplistskaro Municipality, right bank of Alazani River, to the southwest from Village Pirosmani, at an altitude of 165 m above sea level.
The nearest large populated area is Dedoplistskaro. The distance from Tbilisi to Dedoplistskaro is 130 km; the length of the trip is 2 hours. The distance from Dedoplistskaro to Alazani Floodplain Forest Natural Monument is 56 km; the length of the trip is 1 hour and 30 min.
The best option for overnight stay is in town of Dedoplistskaro, where it is possible to stay at a hotel.