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Bodorna Rock Columns Natural Monument


Natural Monument Bodorna Rock Columns Natural Monument - Dusheti

How to get there: The nearest populated area is village Bodorna of Dusheti Municipality, which is 35 km away from Tbilisi. The road is paved and the time required is 40 minutes;
Village bodorna - Bodorna Rock Column Natural Monument - 3 km gravel road, 15 minutes.

Attraction: The natural monument is a rock column with a height of 15 m, developed as a neogene conglomerate or naturally cemented cobbles, located at 813 m above sea level. It is situated on the right bank of the Aragvi River, on the slopes of eastern exposure. The diameter of the base of the column is 4 m and it gradually narrows towards the top. A cave with two niches is carved at the bottom of the column. Many man-made caves are scattered around the nearby slopes. These caves perhaps have had religious importance or they have been used as shelters. In 150-200 m from Bodorna Rock Column is situated St. Mary Church, which was built in 17th century. The locals call it “Tsotsola Rock”