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Gardabani Reserve

Managed Reserve Gardabani Reserve - Mtskheta

Established in 1973
Director: Levan Kapanadze, Tel : 595000070
Tbilisi National Park is the first national park in Georgia, created in 1973. After certain period the area lost the status of a national park and on the basis of the former national park and Saguramo Nature Reserve it was created again. It is located on southern slopes of Greater Caucasus Range Saguramo-Ialno ranges and their branches, which stretch latitudinal from river Mtkvari to river Iori, at an altitude of 600-1,700 above sea level. The area amounts to 21,036.14 ha. It includes districts of Saguramo, Gldani, Martkopi, Gulele and Gardabani.
Tbilisi National Park is the closest protected area to Tbilisi. Visitor infrastructure is less developed, but it is noteworthy that in 2013 in cooperation with UNWTO the first cycling routes was marked. Three cycling routes have been planned and arranged.
Facebook: Tbilisi National Park Administration