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Javakheti National Park

(+995)ქ. ახალქალაქი, ნინოწმინდა-კარწახის გზაჯვარედინი

National Park Javakheti National Park - Axalkalaki

Established in 2011

Facebook: Javakheti Protected Areas Administration

Javakheti Protected Areas was established in 2011. It includes Javakheti National Park, Kartsakhi Managed Reserve, Sulda Managed Reserve, Khanchali Managed Reserve, Bugdasheni Managed Reserve and Madatapa Managed Reserve.

Javakheti Protected Areas include Municipalities of Akhalqalaqi and Ninotsminda. There are lots of lakes on Javakheti Plateau, including the biggest one – Lake Paravani. The highest point of Javakheti is Mount Great Abuli, with a height of 3,300 meters above sea level. Javakheti upland is the coldest places among settlements. It is characterized by dry continental climate, while the average annual temperature is quite low. In winter Javakheti lakes freeze for a long time Javakheti is woodless region. There are artificial plantation of pine stands and small fragments on natural forest. The most important natural alpine forest composed with white birch, Caucasian mountain-ash, cotoneaster, raspberry bushes are found near Lake Kartsakhi parts on border of Georgia-Turkey.